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Quality, continuous development, tradition, innovation, cooperation, focus on international markets: these are the core features ever characterized Ritorcitura F.lli Rossi.
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Since the early 70s, one of the leaders in the twisting manufacturing, Ritorcitura F.lli Rossi has direct its skills to manufactoring of fine and very fine titles.
From the 80s a division with 500 splindes for winding and singeing of cotton yarns.
From the 2008 a new division for synthetic winding.
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A specific focus on the impact of production on the environment, external and internal.
Dust aspiration systems, air filtration, heat recovery units and, from December 2011, a photovoltaic system that covers 15% of our energy needs.
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Diversification of formats, intersections and curves, packaging of the single cone with personalized label, heatshrink film or socks, timeliness and logistics.
The customer service supports the quality of the product.
Doing a good job for us, means "to make life easier" for those who use our products.