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Ritorcitura F.lli Rossi processes yarn:
100% cotton,
sole or twisted one, raw or winded one, traditional, voile or corespun one,
soft or hard cones packed
on conical tubes 6x4,20° or on perforated or smooth cylindrical  tubes mm 170, mm 180, mm 230.

All Ritorcitura F.lli Rossi’s machineries
have yarn clearing system and
waxing could be added
for hard cones.
Nylon, Lycra, Creora, Dacron, Polyester, T400.
Bringing about 40 years cotton processing expertise on the synthetic world,
Ritorcitura F.lli Rossi can package soft cones of synthetic yarns ensuring the maintenance of the natural fiber elasticity.

Ritorcitura F.lli Rossi is also equipped to produce special elastomer cones used to feed spinning machines.
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