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production site

The best response to new needs in term of organization, logistic and plant engineering that the global market requires.

The project, started in May 2010, became
building site in March 2011, is from the
beginning of 2012 the new headquarters of Ritorcitura F.lli Rossi.
Area of 7,000 square meters, production
area of 1,700 square meters, local
technical area of 200 square meters, yarn warehouse of 1,300 sqm yarns and office building of 500 square meters.

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The Italian experience and quality in the land of the world best cotton… Egypt.

Winsitex Egypt SAE is a new production
site placed in Borg El Arab - Alexandria.
Its main activities are cotton traditional title
singeing and winding. This new factory
places Ritorcitura F.lli Rossi at "the Center
of the World" and gives a terrific
opportunity to strengthen its collaboration
with actual customers and, at the same
time, to start new alliances with
international partners.

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The "MADE IN ITALY" has to be
necessarily synonymous of quality and

Based on this convinction, Ritorcitura F.lli
Rossi has oriented their italian production
of twisting, singeing and winding to fine
and very fine titles (on average from Ne
100/2 to Ne 290/2). Moreover, with
continous investments in innovation and
in more and more technologically
advanced machinaries and with
a know-how made thanks to 40 years
of experiences, Ritorcitura can be able
to make products for a wide range of
costumer requests.

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