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More than forty years of experience and a close collaboration with manufactures of machines have allowed us to work yarns that until short time ago was thought to be impossible to realize.

Making good use of the latest technology available with specific modifications designed for our needs, we have directed our twisting production in the direction of the finest counts. In effect we can work unique yarns from 190 Ne to Ne 300 with the possibility of twisting to 4 plies.

Supercharging, addition of paraffin, axial displacement of the yarn guide through electronic systems, different angles of intersection: everything of this in the twisting step.

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Know-how and software technology of our machines allows us to produce cones in various formats, with different angles of intersection (more or less open), constant or variable, with borders more or less rounded to facilitate the dyeing and allowing, in this way, a good use in the following step of textile chain.

With 300 positions of precision singeing (splitted between Cotton Division and Synthetics Division) Ritorcitura F.lli Rossi is able to produce approximately 100,000 kg / month (this value is calculated with the assumption of mean title Ne 100/2).
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Singeing is the winding following phase, where the yarn goes through a flame.
So the fluff in excess burned down and the yarn became smoother, shinier and more uniform.

We takes care on different components:
- constant speed (controlled by new generation inverter);
- lower dust level (due to the strengthening of suction systems);
- mechanical/capacitive cleaning (to ensure the absence of defects from earlier work);
- format cone diversification: hard or soft cones, conical or cylindrical one (mm 170 or mm 180 of tube length), with P or Q untwisting mode;
- material diversification: 100% cotton, 100% silk, cotton/silk mix, viscose, wool, mélange;
- product diversification: winding of a large range of counts (twinsted from Ne 16/2 to Ne 300/2 and single to 120/1)

Ritorcitura F.lli Rossi’s production capacity is 110.000 kg per month (worked out value on the basis of a medium title Ne 120/2).